Alpha yachts- trawlers are built specifically for so-called Long Range trips with solid semi-displacement hulls and therefore they have extremely fuel efficient engines. With speeds and fuel consumption that not many boats in the market of this size can match (With Cummins 430 HP; she has top speed of 20 knots, high cruise speed of 14-15 knots and a mellow speed of 9-11 knots .) They are built wanted the reliable vessel possible; sturdy and sea worthy. Over built with a long, deep keel which provides protection to the props and running gear, and with the optimum location for fuel tanks over the boat's center of buoyancy. Stand up-walk around engines, with access to equipments and components The spacious aft deck and walk around decks are desirable for any serious cruising yacht. It was specified the larger 1300-gallon fuel tanks and 300-gallon water tanks so that he would have the extended long range for passage cruising, researched available engine choices and then Cummins supply the reliable 8.3 lts 6CTA-M engines. He had a Cummins representative supervise installations . Along with the larger tankage, also specified heavy shaft and shaft logs (Algonquin), as well larger struts and rudders for easy control. They retain the same traditional styling and offshore performance capabilities of heavy trawlers. A day head is featured to port across from the galley She is hull # .

Alpha Yachts

ALPHA Custom Yachts is dedicated to the construction of semi-displacement hulls, featuring superb characteristics of friendly use, while offering wide side walks and spacious cockpits. Alpha's Yachts feature engines with ease of access, simple systems, durable hulls, and large keels offering full protection under the propellers. Along with a lower center of gravity (CG), integral fuel tanks and extended range, Alpha Yachts are built much like Atlantic boat's "Duffy", the new Australian types, and others from Canada or the NW American coast.

Another feature of Alpha Yachts is that they can be personally customized for every client.

Hull Design and Construction

Four longitudinal and 14 transversal foam stringers enclosed with laminated stitched woven roving, reinforce the entire hull bottom. The most important aspect of a boat that can withstand the rigors of harsh ocean conditions are hull design and construction. The ALPHA team and the R&D factory worked together to obtain a very dependable and seaworthy semi-displacement hull in 50 feet.

Hull Design
  1. Length/beam ratio. Narrower hulls (L/B ratio above 3) are less stable and have less interior room. The ALPHA 50 has a ratio above of 2.7; enough beam to be stable and have more inside area, and with a low center of gravity.
  2. The long deep keel provides better protection in shallow waters and a better entrance into heavy seas.
  3. The bow has a fine entry and good flare for a dry ride.
  4. Fiberglass fuel, water, and holding tanks.
  5. Large wedge type rudders.
  6. Nibral four blade propellers.
  7. Location of engines offers increased stability and good constant trim in all sea conditions.
The design of the 50, with the engines under the salon, give you not only good stability, but easy access walk around space for maintenance during long passages and plenty of storage to carry spare parts, oil, tools, and back up systems. Another benefit of the engine location is the ability to locate fuel tanks in the center of the boat. There is a huge amount of storage in the engine room. No other boat of this size has this superior arrangement.

Because of the low center of gravity the ALPHA 50 is able to have a fully enclosed fly bridge with an optional hard top eliminating the need for an inside steering station.

Commercial Quality

Alpha Yachts builds with commercial quality. This is to say that our boats are stronger and more resistant, as we use higher Safety Factors (stronger shafts, heavy systems, commercial-oriented engines).

Alpha Yacht's hull construction is notably heavier! This aspect has been taken into consideration, as it makes the boat stronger, with higher security levels and lasting durability. Overall, we could say our boats are 30% stronger/ tougher without sacrificing cruise speed. On average, our boat's construction time averages approximately 6000 man hours, while most sport based boats approximately 50% of these numbers.

All wiring is properly routed, clearly labeled and color-coded for rapid tracing. The AC/DC distribution system is easily accessible and includes a second panel on the bridge. Each engine has its own alternator for charging batteries. House batteries and starting batteries are charged separately.

Alpha Yacht's are designed and built around comfort, safety, ease of operation, reliability and cost effective preventative maintenance.
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